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for those Out of Reach Places

An immensely technical process that involves safely climbing up dizzying heights, rope access is an important part of many industries. Work-at-height solutions require expertise and experience, and we at Vspec have a team of fearless, qualified technicians ready and waiting to assist you.

Our rope access services encompass a variety of aspects including inspection, maintenance, and painting or coating. We are dedicated to safety and only use the most reliable setups to ensure that no one is hurt during the process.

We have a proven track record for not only getting things right, but for ensuring that our dedication to safety standards are never compromised.

Why is it called rope access?

In order to get to those high up, out of reach places, a special set of versatile equipment needs to be set up. A rope system is used to allow technicians to gain access to the desired work position, with the same system also helping them get back down once the job is done, hence the name rope access.

Also known as industrial climbing, rope access has its roots in the climbing and caving community, and was adopted by scaffolding companies as a means to safely climb risky places and carry out necessary work. As billboard manufacturers, it is important for us to have a team of rope access specialists to flight billboards.

With the support of ropes, technicians can get to otherwise dangerous and difficult to reach areas with ease. The ropes ensure that the technicians will not fall from their position and at the same time be quite comfortable while suspended.

The safety of these systems is twofold. The initial rope system is designed to suspend a person in place, and in the event of the system failing, there is a backup in place to ensure that the technician doesn’t fall.

The systems are only as effective as the setup, which is why it is so important that only an experienced team does this.

In some industries the use of rope access is a mandatory safety policy. Instead of taking the pricey route of training people to do the job, which in some cases is simply a once off need, companies can instead hire the services of Vspec.

What can Vspec offer you?

In terms of rope access, we provide our clients with a range of different services which include all of the most commonly sought after services relating to rope access.

What can Vspec offer you?

For those structures that are designed to stand metres high, this service is a fantastic one. Our team of specialists can paint or coat just about any structure, including silos. To determine your exact requirements, we can set up a consultation and have a chat with you and evaluate the structure in question.

We are also able to do various surface preparations to ensure that the applied product does what it is intended to do. Coating and painting is applied with a brush or a roller, and we also make use of the immensely effective airless spray.

By painting or coating the structure, you are ensuring that the integrity as well as the lifespan of your structure is given a much welcomed boost.


While it might be unusual for such a large structure to require maintenance, in the event that a little work is necessary to keep things in running order, rope access is the ideal service. For maintenance, things like welding, general repairs, waterproofing, washing and fixes for the surface are all quite common necessities and something we can help you with.

The less likely services that you might find yourself in need of include lightning protection, silo maintenance (ideal for maize producers), and the strengthening of structures are some of the options available. You can talk to our team for a more specific list of maintenance services.


A wonderful solution for those who need rigging, bolting, the installation of steel structures and of inspection platforms (both permanent and temporary), and the installation of nets, will find this service to be the most useful.

Our team of experts are able to carry out a wide variety of installations and they are able to do so safely. 

Rope access for the installation of billboards and other massive signage is one of our specialities and we offer our clients affordable pricing for this precise service.

With more than 14 years of experience in the South African rope access and rigging industry, when you choose to work with us, you will be in the best of hands. No project is too big or too small for our team. No matter the job, we will make a plan.


Over time, when a structure is out in the wind, the rain and the sun, you might find that the structures require an inspection to ensure that they are still in a safe and sturdy condition. Inspection services can be carried out on a wide range of structures.

To carry out an inspection, our team makes use of certain tools such as video and photographic equipment, penetrant dyes, thickness testing, and a general visual test.

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